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School of Management Internship Program

Gain invaluable experience with a management internship through Union Graduate College.

At Union Graduate College, we provide an unparalleled internship program that allows you to take the concepts you learn in the classroom and apply them in the workplace. Our 400-hour internship requirement in the School of Management gives you ample opportunity to gain experience, build and refine skills, and enhance your qualifications for relevant jobs upon graduation. Nearly all internships are paid.

Our management programs draw extensively on the experience and potential of the business community. We leverage our connections to the business community to ensure that MBA candidates have access to a variety of internship opportunities – including in accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, healthcare and other related areas.

Not only is the internship an important resume builder and a “foot-in-the-door” to job opportunities; it also provides students with hands-on experience that adds relevance to the classroom experience. Internships occur either during a school semester and/or over the summer, and their length may vary depending on the internship and/or the organization. Students who lack relevant work experience will be required to complete the 400-hour internship, which is non-credit bearing.

Why Are Internships So Important?

Internship experiences can provide distinct advantages for students entering today’s job market. These include:

Employment Opportunities

Internships may result in direct offers of employment. A survey by Internships.com revealed that 69% of employers surveyed, with 100 or more employees, made full-time job offers to their interns. Additionally, among those employers who said they hired their interns, 85% felt doing so led to a positive experience.

Hands-on Experience

Even if an internship does not result in a job offer, it gives you a practical experience in an area of interest. This experience can be used to market yourself to other interested employers and sharpens your competitive edge, as students with internship experience are frequently favored by employers over other candidates lacking this experience.

A Link Between Theory and Practice

Internships provide a setting where you can link theory from the classroom to practice in a real-world environment. They foster the development of applied skills, knowledge and competencies, and help you make the transition from “the classroom to the boardroom.”

An Expanded Network

In an internship, you can establish a network of professional contacts, mentors and references. An expansion of these networks, and tapping into the knowledge and wisdom of professionals in the field, can help serve as a springboard in finding a job and advancing your career.

Opportunity for Career Exploration

Internships allow you to explore and investigate careers with professionals in a field of interest. The opportunity to “try out a job” can help you learn more about areas of interest and disinterest, and thus lead to more informed career decisions.

What is the Internship Process at Union Graduate College?

As a graduation requirement, MBA and MBA Healthcare Degree Program students (including JD/MBA, PharmD/MBA and the accelerated BA or BS and MBA program students) are required to complete a minimum of 400 hours in a meaningful internship in a business environment. These 400 hours can be completed at one internship site, or at multiple internship sites.

Where a student can submit proof of qualified, meaningful work experience that relates to the MBA, the internship may be waived. The Waiver Request is generally determined at the time of admission to the program.


It is the student’s responsibility to actively search for an internship position, although Union Graduate College Career Services will support and assist you in your search. Generally, students start this process sometime after their first term so they can get a better understanding of how to balance their course load with their internship hours. To begin your search, check out UGC Career Link for recent postings of internships. In addition, schedule an Individual Career Appointment with one of our career professionals for information, advice and guidance on finding an internship.


Internships posted by the Careers Services office will indicate whether or not the position meets the criteria of the internship requirement. If a student finds a position on his/her own, the Career Services Coordinator will need to review the position (prior to an offer being accepted) to determine if it meets the intent of the internship requirement.

Get Approval

The student must complete an Internship Agreement prior to beginning the internship, which includes a detailed description of the job and the work it entails. The completed agreement must be signed by the student, his/her supervisor and the Career Services Coordinator. It will be kept on file in the Career Services Office.


The internship course is no-cost and non-credit bearing. Registration is done through Union Graduate College’s Registrar’s Office. General MBA students should register for MBA683. Healthcare Management MBA students should register for HCM683. Once the internship hours are completed, a student will receive a pass/fail grade. This grade will appear on the student’s official transcript.

Submit Evaluations

After completing the internship, a student must submit the Employer Evaluation Form (completed by the internship supervisor) and the Student Evaluation Form (completed by the student). Once these two completed reports are submitted to Career Services, the Career Services Coordinator will review them and determine the pass/fail status. Written verification will be sent to the Registrar’s Office and the grade will be processed on the student’s official transcript. Until all paperwork is received, the student will receive an “incomplete grade” (indicated by an “I” on the transcript).
For more information or questions regarding the MBA internship, contact:

Jane Fleury, Coordinator of Career Services
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