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Union Graduate College Course Catalog

The Union Graduate College Course Catalog provides students with general information about full and part time Master degree study programs and specific graduate course listings for each of our degree programs with contact information for programs and advisors. Also included is information about graduate study admissions, class registration, costs, financial aid, graduate student internship and campus and student services at UGC.
PLEASE NOTE: Provisions of this publication are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the student and Union Graduate College. Union Graduate College reserves the right to make changes in this catalog, including its course offerings, degree requirements, regulations and procedures, and fees and expenses as deemed necessary by the college. Please contact the registrar for the latest information.


Union Graduate College Catalog 2014-2015
Union Graduate College Catalog 2013-2014
Union Graduate College Catalog 2012-2013
Union Graduate College Catalog 2011-2012
Union Graduate College Catalog 2010-2011
Union Graduate College Catalog 2009-2010
Union Graduate College Catalog 2008-2009
Union Graduate College Catalog 2007-2008
UGC Catalog 2006-2007
GCUU Catalog 2005-2006
GCUU Catalog 2004-2005
GCUU Catalog 2003-2004
Union Course Catalog 2002-2003
Union Course Catalog Summer 2002
Union Course Catalog 2001-2002
Union Course Catalog Summer 2001
Union Course Catalog 2000-2001
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