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Union Undergrad Course Supplement

February 02, 2013
Winter Term 2004 Course Offerings

UNION Graduate College

Course Supplement

Spring 2013 Courses Offered to Union College Students


Union College students who wish to take graduate level courses as a Non-degree student are limited to two courses with advisor approval.Admitted joint program students may take up to three courses with advisor�s approval.


Course���� Titles�������������� ���� ���� Meet Times Instructor

ACC100 Introduction to Accounting����� �����TTH 01:55PM 03:40PM McDonald, J.

���� This is an undergrad course taught by graduate faculty




LIM-553-51��� Economics of Health��������������������� T06:25PM 09:45PM Dewar, D

LIM-571-51��� Clinical Leadership Practicum ��� ������ TH 06:25PM 09:45PM Strosberg, M.

PHL-574-51��� Biomedical Ethics��������� �� ��� ������ M05:30PM 09:00PM Baker, R





Engineering students must obtain advisor approval. Graduate school registration form must be used. For further information please contact Dean Kozik @631-9881 or kozikr@uniongraduatecollege.edu





Open to all undergrads with 3.0 GPA.Non LIM & Non Accelerated MBA joint students MUST obtain a permission form and 1 page application from The School of Management, Dean Musits or Associate Dean Bowman must approve prior to registration.


HCM-505-51��� Health Operations Management����� ������ W06:25Pm 09:45PM Smith, R.



MBA-500-51��� Managing Ethically: Global������� ������ T06:25PM 09:45PM Clark, C.

MBA-512-51��� Managerial Accounting������������ ������ T 06:25PM 09:45PM DeJoy, J.

MBA-551-51��� Managing People &Teams in Org���� ������ TH 06:25PM 09:45PM Nydegger, R.


Open only to admitted 5yr accelerated MBA and/or LIM (require advisor�s signature).


HCM-571-51��� Clinical Leadership Practicum����������� TH 06:25PM 09:45PM Strosberg, M.

HCM-617-51��� Health Care Finance�������������� ������ M06:25PM 09:45PM Gavin, J.

HCM-648-51��� Health Informatics���������������������� TH 06:25PM 09:45PM Otto, P.

HCM-680-51��� Health Policy������� ������������� ������ T 06:25PM 09:45PM Colacino/Nafziger

HCM-681-51��� Strt. Issues of Healthcare Orgs�� ������ TH 06:25Pm 09:45PM Huppertz/Smith�������������� ������

MBA-506-51��� Statistical Models for Management ������ W 06:25PM 09:45PM Otto, P.

MBA-517-51��� Advanced Corporate Finance������� ������ W06:25PM 09:45PM Feng, Z.

MBA-525-51��� Marketing Management & Strtegy������ M06:25PM 09:45PM Carlson, J.��������������������������������������������������

MBA-531-51��� Operations Management������������ ������ W06:25PM 09:45PM Otto. P.

������������� (Partial online)

For further information please contact School of Management at (518) 631-9890.


Union Graduate College will be registering students Feb 25-March 8, 2013.Please be sure to get appropriate approvals prior to registering.



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